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Yeah...  It's been a long time since we've played in Manhattan!

Saturday, August 19th




168 Delancey Street, NYC 10002

Showtime: 9:30pm

Admission: $10

Other bands performing:

Half Shell

Miss Barnes

Francesca Love & The Beating Hearts

Cook Thuglass


05-18-2017:  Our second album has just been released (see previous news post), and the response has been tremendous.

Here is the first review by Tara Jennings of RAPUNZEL ROCK AGENCY for her "Blonde From Across The Pond" blog:  LINK

Stay tuned for more reviews and quotes on it to come!

Of all the streaming services our music is available on, JANGO RADIO continues to be where we excel the most.  We have surpassed 267,000 listens (with an average "Pop Score" in the high 80's) and over 8,100 fans worldwide.

The recording of the third album, "SP3: Roar, Roar, ROAR!!!",  our first studio album with Rafael Rivera,  will commence next month!

LION-HEARTED is on the move...  And the next show will be at the landmark  THE STANHOPE HOUSE  on June 3rd, opening for the great  MILO Z band once again.

Tickets are available on TicketFly, and by emailing us at


05-15-2017:  We will be opening for the great MILO Z band at THE STANHOPE HOUSE in Stanhope, NJ on Saturday, June 3rd!!!  We expect to go on between 8 and 9PM.

04-14-2017:  Our new EP is available for download from the Music section of this site as well as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and etc.

03-11-2017:  Friends,

In the words of the late, great Bob Sheppard:


On Saturday, March 25th, LION-HEARTED will be having a PARTY!!!

It's for the official release of our 2nd album, "Roar The Loudest" at Dingbatz in Clifton.  

It will also be to celebrate our 5th Anniversary of the band (yeah... I know, where the FUNK does the time GO?!?!?!)

We WILL hit the stage at 9pm, and we plan on having some cool giveaways as well.


12-22-2016:  GREAT NEWS & new details about our show with MILO Z on Friday, December 30th at THE STANHOPE HOUSE in Stanhope, New Jersey!--

We are the ONLY opening act, we get to play a FULL HOUR, and our start time will be 7:30 SHARP!

Can't wait to FUNK IT UP!!!

12-11-2016:  It looks like we spoke too soon about our last show being our last performance of the year...


We will be opening for the great MILO Z band at THE STANHOPE HOUSE in Stanhope, NJ on Friday, December 30th!!!

With our "Brutal Funk" giving way to their "Razzamofunk", it's gonna be a FUNKIN' great way to say goodbye to 2016!

Hope to see YOU there!!!

11-27-2016:  Final artwork for our second album ("SP2: ROAR THE LOUDEST!") is complete, and the official release will be soon!!!

new logo sp2 red 1400

We are also in the process of writing songs for our third album, for which recording will commence in the beginning of the new year...  And live shows will resume in April of 2017 (unless opportunities that are too good to pass up arise beforehand).

JANGO RADIO UPDATE: Tunes from our first album (as well as those exclusively pre-released on Jango) have surpassed the 200,000 mark in listens on that streaming site, with over 6,200 people who heard us there worldwide signing up to be fans of the band!


10-24-2016:  We will be performing at The Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ on Friday,  November 4th  (45 Main Street).  This will be our last show of 2016. We will be on at 9PM.

09-21-2016:  We will be HEADLINING at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ on Friday,  October 21st  (620 Van Houten Ave).  The event will be hosted by Don Jamieson of That Metal Show. Tickets are being sold now and Facebook invites to follow.

09-17-2016:   We have surpassed 176,000 listens  on JANGO RADIO and now have over 5,500 fans worldwide!

08-16-2016:  We will be performing at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ on Friday,  August 26th  (1409 Queen Anne Rd).  Tickets are available on our Facebook page - check the event.

07-17-2016:   We have surpassed 160,000 listens  on JANGO RADIO and now have over 5,000 fans worldwide!

06-28-2016:  We will be performing at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ on Friday,  August 5th  (620 Van Houten Ave).  The event will be hosted by Don Jamieson of That Metal Show. Tickets are being sold now and Facebook invites to follow.

05-29-2016:  We will be performing at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ on Friday,  June 24th at 9:15 PM (620 Van Houten Ave).  Tickets are being sold now and Facebook invites to follow.

04-09-2016:  We will be performing at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, NJ on Saturday,  May 14th (104 N. 10th Street). This is a MAJOR show! We will be going on at 10:45PM.

03-20-2016:  We are coming out with a new EP very soon, just finalizing artwork and distribution.  Oh, and BTW, we PASSED THE 115,000 PLAY MARK on JANGO !!! We now have over 3,500 dedicated fans all over the world, you have no idea how much that means to us!  

03-15-2016:  We will be performing at Crossroads in Garwood, NJ on Saturday, April 2nd (78 North Avenue). This will be Lion-Hearted 2.0!!! Our first show with our new guitarist Rafael Rivera. This show will be different, it will be a benefit show for a worthy cause. The organization is Caring Contact (check for more info). 


As an unsigned independent band on today's musical landscape, it's not easy to get exposure...  But we are doing that through JANGO.

We appreciate how they have worked with us to help build our REAL grass roots fan base.

We will ALWAYS appreciate our fans and do ALL we can to SHOW that gratitude; as (for us) it is ALL about making that connection!

So, to our biggest fans... Like Damian in Mexico, Champion in France, and Betsy in the US (in our home state of New Jersey):

For listening and listening LOUD --

Thanks SO much for ROARIN' with LION-HEARTED!!!

11-07-2015: We now have surpassed 75,000 song plays on JangoRadioThanks to all of our listeners from around the world  who have supported us with      en-COURAGE-ment, and who have shared our music with others… MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!

09-15-2015: We just finished mixing a few of our songs which you can find at JangoRadio. The latest one is The One, but we've had lots of plays with Pain and Anticipation. Check it out!!!

08-13-2015: We are proud to announce that we have found our new guitarist; as we welcome Rafael "Riff Raf" Rivera to the band.

Stay tuned for more info on our new addition, as we relaunch "Lion-Hearted 2.0"!!!

06-07-2015: LION-HEARTED is now on BandCamp, people can now download our songs in high quality. It's a good bargain.

06-01-2015: LION-HEARTED will return to Crossroads in Garwood, NJ to perform on Friday, June 19th at 10pm!

05-28-2015: Marc and Pete finished most of their parts on our 3 new songs at MOZART STUDIOS in Clifton, NJ. 

04-22-2015: Our first INK!! - a nice write-up in the Aquarian Weekly by Tim Louie today!!!

04-11-2015: We finished recording 3  new songs at MOZART STUDIOS in Clifton, NJ. Drums are done, now Marc and Pete and adding in their parts. 

03-16-2015: We finished mixing 2  new songs (final versions)  at MOZART STUDIOS in Clifton, NJ. They will be uploaded to  JangoRadio today!!!

02-10-2015: We will be playing at Hartley's Sports Bar on Saturday March 7th from 9:30 PM til ???? It's just us with new material!!!

01-09-2015: We are now mixing 3  new songs (final versions) for  our second album,"SP2: Roar The Loudest! (the sequel)", at MOZART STUDIOS in Clifton, NJ.

12-09-2014: Our Video for the song "Ugly" is being processed for Vevo and DailyMotion TV!

12-09-2014: Our OFFICIAL Video for the song "Ugly" is on YouTube at 

11-12-2014: We will be mixing  new songs for  our second album,"SP2: Roar The Loudest! (the sequel)", at MOZART STUDIOS in Clifton, NJ.

09-28-2014: We will be playing at Phoenix Bar & Grille on Halloween at 9:30 PM  (Friday Oct 31st) - great contests and drink specials!

10-12-2014: We hit the 50K mark on JangoRadio !!! This is for our first album "SP1: Those Who Roar Last..."

09-28-2014: We will be playing at Olive's in Nyack, NY on Saturday 10/18 at 10:30 PM!

09-10-2014: We will be playing at  ROXY & DUKES ROADHOUSE in Dunellen, NJ on Friday 9/26 at 10:30PM!

08-22-2014: LION-HEARTED is ranked #1 for Funk at!!!

08-05-2014: More show dates to be announced soon, including our first appearance at ROXY & DUKES ROADHOUSE in Dunellen, NJ in late September.

07-30-2014: Recording of our second album,"SP2: Roar The Loudest! (the sequel)", will commence in the first week of September at MOZART STUDIOS in Clifton, NJ.

07-16-2014: LION-HEARTED will return to Crossroads in Garwood, NJ to perform on Saturday, August 23rd at 9pm!

06-16-2014: ANNOUNCEMENT -- The 10 songs from our debut album, "SP1: Those Who Roar Last..." have officially surpassed the 40k-play mark on Jango Radio!!!

With over 40,000 listens all over the world in the past 15 months, we have achieved an average weekly "pop score" in the 80's (on a scale from 0 to 100).

We are humbled by all the great comments, proud of that rating, and grateful to every new fan we have gained.


05-05-2014: We are working on material for our next album that will totally be more gritty, heavy and funky. As expected there will be no tech trickery - what you hear is what we will play live. 

4-26-2014:  LION-HEARTED will return to Crossroads in Garwood, NJ to perform on Saturday, May 31st at 9pm!

4-23-2014:  We are proud to announce our new cross-promoting partnership with New York City's CONCRETE JUNGLE Clothing Company.

4-15-2014:  LION-HEARTED "GOES TO ELEVEN"!  as we reach 1,100 fan sign-ups on Jango Radio!


- 24% of fans are in the 25-34 age demographic (21% between 18-24, 22% between 35-44, and 19% between 45-54).

- Highest concentration of fans outside the United States: Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Israel and Japan.

- Songs have most recently been in rotation on the stations for these other artists (targeted for highest success rates): Sublime, Incubus, blink-182, Jamiroquia, The Heavy and Scorpions.

4-10-2014:  LION-HEARTED will be featured in the July/August (#64) issue of FIREWORKS magazine in the UK...  Details to follow.

Issue 63 for May/June hits the news stands on April 17th featuring the great Glenn Hughes and his new band, California Breed (with Jason Bonham). on the cover.

4-5-2014:  Songs from our first album, "SP1: Those Who Roar Last", have surpassed 35,000 listens worldwide on Jango Radio!!!!

Additionally, we are proud of averaging a better than 80 (out of 100) listener-determined "Pop Score" on a weekly basis.

01-12-2014: We were accepted in the Hard Rock Rising 2014!!!

01-12-2014: We will be performing at  on March 1st - more details to come...

12-12-2013: The album is now available on iTunes and ALL music purchase sites

11-26-2013: We are now working on new originals that will be part of the next release. Videos, promo tasks are in the works for the current release - iTunes and Google Play release date is coming soon.

11-04-2013: We will be performing at Crossroads on November 15th at 8:00 PM.

10-07-2013: Added lyrics from our upcoming CD to the site and added pictures from our last 2 shows. Getting ready to sell the CD on all digital and disc music stores soon!!!

08-20-2013 : We will be performing at The Bitter End on Friday Oct 4th at 10:30 PM - this will be our NEW YORK CD RELEASE PARTY!!!

08-10-2013: We will be performing at Crossroads on September 21st at 10:00 PM - this will be our  NEW JERSEY CD RELEASE PARTY!!!

08-05-2013: We will be performing at Sullivan Hall in NYC  on August 23rd at 9:30 PM sharp (be there around 9) - details for the show can be found at the Facebook Event - and advanced tickets can be had from TicketWeb

07-19-2013: SHOW IS POSTPONED - Franklin Pond has cancelled the show for tomorrow due to possible storms and rescheduled for August 3rd.

07-05-2013: SHOW - Lion-Hearted will be "Rockin' The Pond" two weeks from tomorrow in a free concert at Franklin Pond in Franklin, NJ (in the Sparta/Hamburg/Stockholm area of Sussex County) at 6pm on 8/03.

franklin 2013 show

06-17-2013: Tonight we begin the final mixing of our 5 new songs. Next, we start planning the strategy for marketing our next release and upcoming shows.

05-15-2013: Marc and Pete have finished up most of the guitar, bass and vocal parts for the 5 songs we recently recorded. 

04-20-2013: Our rehearsals are also becoming a forum for even more new material. We recorded some ideas that will hopefully become material on our next release.

04-05-2013: We started the recording process for 5 more songs at Clear Cut Studios. Once we are done with the production and legalities, the songs will be available through download sources and/or CD. 

03-31-2013: Added dues:PAID to Jango radio and added streaming songs to Reverbnation - so far we have a few thousand listeners worldwide! 

02-28-2013: Lion-Hearted is now on Jango Radio at   This is a unique radio station that uses free apps for iPhone, iPod and Android devices, or your PC/tablet. We now have listeners worldwide

02-25-2013: Our music was finalized on CDBaby and is now available for purchase through our site in the Music Tab, FB, iTunes and other digital distribution stores.


02-12-2013: Lots of work getting done -- Prep for the show, EP is ready for iTunes, CD and digital distribution, promo CD's are being made, bass drum logo is done (below), merch and etc. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone on the 22nd.



01-08-2013: We just finished the final mixing of our song Dues: Paid. We are very proud of the end result, many thanks to Max of Clearcut Studios, and we plan to finish the last song very soon.

01-03-2013: Tonight's rehearsal brought about a lot of ideas and new songs that run the gamut of styles and genres but are uniquely our own sound. We plan to make a new batch of originals to add to our recorded songs as they are organized.

12-29-2012: Just completed the final mixes for 3 of our 5 recorded songs. Hopefully we will be able to put them up on Reverbnation and through a link through this site and TuneCore (iTunes). Next week we rehearse for more new originals.

12-28-2012: We have spent many days and weekends in the past few months doing the final mixes on our songs and rehearsing and coming up with even more new originals. True to our initial quest, the songs came out strong, organic and honest. We plan to release it on iTunes, update our band pages and begin a new strategy. More updates next month...

10-13-2012: Today we begin recording our first 5 originals, all the preparation is done, now it's just a matter of doing the best we can to make our songs sound proper.

10-09-2012: We had a great rehearsal, which was mainly done in preparation for recording 5 of our originals at Clear Cut Studios this Saturday. Once we are done with the production and legalities, the songs will be available through download sources and/or CD. 

10-06-2012: Made a new logo based on the medal handed down from Marc's Grandfather - it was photographed several ways and digitally transformed to show L H in the top corners. This is now in the banner of this site. The Facebook and Reverbnation pages were changed as well. 

09-23-2012: Last night's show was wonderful, it was a full house! Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a special event for us. We are now in the process of discussing next steps both in recording and future shows. There will be more picture and video updates to the site in the coming days.

09-12-2012: Added a new page for us on ReverbNation - it is cross-linked to our other pages and should be a decent marketing tool.

09-10-2012: The show is drawing near and a lot of tickets were sold, we are very thankful for that and will not take it for granted. From what we are told, there will be some surprise celebrities showing up, but more importantly, we are so proud of our friends and families that will be there to support us for our very first show. Words can't describe...

09-09-2012: Added a new lion-hearted page on reverbnation  - link to follow soon

07-29-2012: We will be playing Mexicali Live on September 22nd, tickets are available directly from us or through their site. If you are interested in tickets, please contact us at - you can go to the Facebook event page at 

07-12-2012: We have 20 original ideas and still counting. Just in tonight's rehearsal. we wrote 3 song ideas. In the next coming weeks, we will solidify our strongest originals and prepare for a late Sept. show.

06-21-2012: A new original was created, suprisingly on the 2nd rehearsal, complete with lyrics and arrangement. Well done Marc and Pete.

06-20-2012: Updated the site for gear information

06-07-2012: Pete Pineyro, guitarist extrodinaire, joins the band and our first original is mapped out and played. Our roadmap to a hard driving funk style is solidified.

04-26-2012: Tryouts for guitarists

04-12-2012: Tryouts for guitarists, more interviews

04-01-2012: Gear list, photo history and site images added

03-29-2012: Tryouts for guitarists scheduled for next week

03-28-2012: Bios for Marc and Joe were added

03-21-2012: This site was developed and entered under iPower hosting

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