Music:  P.Pineyro, J. D’Aqui, M. Gambino   Lyrics: M. Gambino  

October, 2012

<V1> There are those who radiate natural beauty                                                They walk in a room and everyone races to them                                                  Just to feel the warmth of their embrace and smile                                                   But it eats your insides out all the while

<PC1> This is something that you’ve got to fix                                                      On your shoulder, you wear your bag of tricks                                                       A“one-trick pony”, you shop until you drop                                                 You won’t stop ‘til you think you’ll make eyes pop

<C1>  You thought all it took was that you’d spend your money                                In your constant quest for beauty, you got UGLY 

<V2> It’s a shame, I pity your sad existence                                                           You may get admiration from a distance                                                                     But once they get close to you, you’re exposed                                     Nothing underneath the warpaint and the pricey clothes

<PC2>  This is something  that you can’t change with ease                             Never knowing love has left you in a  freeze                                                       Love for you is in a shopping bag                                                                                 Or on the tip of a scalpel for a nip tuck on a sag

<Repeat Chorus>

<Guitar solo>

<V3 in chorus style>  In your constant quest for beauty, you got UGLY               You thought all it takes is that you spend your money                                              Drop-dead beauty…NO! (Just drop-dead cluelessness)                                Superficial outside masks the inside emptiness.

© Lion-Hearted 2012