Never Really Gone

Music:  M. Gambino, P. Pineyro, J. D’Aqui   Lyrics: M. Gambino  

November, 2012

Through dimensions of a dream, I see tears in your eyes

And I want to tell you why

You should never feel alone…  Never be afraid

I’ll be right by your side…  All the time

(“Pre-Chorus 1”) It wasn’t easy letting go…   To let it just slip away

Held on tight with all my might…  With hopes to live just one more day

(Chorus) You should always know you’ll never be alone

Every time you think of me, I’m NEVER REALLY GONE


The real reality… Not everyone can see

Is where I have to be

But, if you think – therefore I am…  In the picture frame

Just remember me…  My legacy!

<Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus>

(Bridge) When I was there with you, I took for granted that you always knew

After I left you physically…  Our love would go… Go on without me.

(Guitar solo)


You think you sit alone…   But I’m right by your side

(And this is ALL the time!)

I will help lift you up…  And dry those teary eyes

With thoughts of happiness…  (This too shall pass!)


© Lion-Hearted 2012