Marc David Gambino:   Bass, Lead Vocals
Pete Pineyro:  Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joseph D'Aqui:  Drums

Lion-hearted is a band formed by the ideas, realization and passion of Marc Gambino and Joseph D'Aqui in 2012. Initially, it was Marc's idea to form a band that concentrated on the strength and love of hard driving funk and rock. 

The core begins with a solid infrastructure, and in this case it is the rhythm section and the foundation. They set out to build this foundation out of a grooves that flow and are without compromise. Marc and Joe play with conviction and with a simple purpose to make others move, or at least share the positive vibe they are developing. Now with Pete Pineyro added to the group, all the elements are there, and it is Pete's playing that really shines on the foundation. 

The band, in its complete form, is the full realization of groove, dynamics, melody and a voice that they hope will entertain and inspire....

© Lion-Hearted 2012