Music:  J. D’Aqui, M. Gambino, P. Pineyro   Lyrics: M. Gambino  July, 2012

<V1>You drew me in like a catch on a reel

I knew good lovin’ I was destined to feel

Hope’s restored, and (thanks to you)

I knew you meant my search was through

Memories of past stored in a letter

My love for you could only get better

King-sized landslide burying me

Even if I wanted, I couldn’t break free


I’m CAPTURED… (Like a pawn…)

I’m CAPTURED…  (It’s almost dawn...)

I’m CAPTURED (Willingly…)

I’m CAPTURED (You’ve captured me…)

<V2>The way you caught me I didn’t fight

But now that I’m captured - - watch my bite

The animal in me that’s on the rise

Is a feeling too strong to try to hide

<chorus x2>


<V3>Time stood still when I first saw you

Now it’s racin’ by (What can we do?)

Days turn to weeks and weeks to years

You can lose the cage ‘cause I’m stayin’ right here

<chorus x2>

© Lion-Hearted 2012