Pete's Special Thanks


Mom & Dad first and foremost for supporting me and putting up with all the noise and bullshit that came with my practicing in the house!!!! Tia Norma, Tia Edith y Tio Juan, Pablo Martin Volpi, Sofia Sol Arias, Gustavo Pineyro, Martin Pineyro, Patrick Pineyro, Brian Pineyro

My Friends

Jeff Francesconi, David Caban, Evan Jacobson, George Vincent Romano, Ed Seith, John Leote, Brian ( Morbid ) Perone, Al Skolski, Jeff Bortel, Marc Franco, Steve Morrissey, Michael Scardino, Kevin Distel, Joshua Rich, Mike & Zasa, Shad Testa, Phil Passantino, Rob & Renee Savoy, Lee & Ronnie at The Crossroads, if I forgot anyone,

know that i still appreciate all the love and support you have given me from the jump!!!!!!!!!

To All The Bands I Have Been In

Antagonist, Premonition, Prisoners of New York, Project Mercury, The King Rats, RDX, Beating Joy,

The Skull Cramps, Bachelor Party, Riddle, Who’s Your Daddy, George Romano Duo, George Romano Band,

Michael Scordo and The Sons of Light, Polyester, Blame It On The Girl, Boozwah Trash and any other bands i have missed, I still Got Your Back and support you too!!!!!!!

My Thanks to Those That Help Me Get My Groove ON!

Michael Lepre, Joe “The Doctor” Guida & Chris Sofio at Sweetest Sounds for keeping all my guitars in TOP SHAPE

Michelle,Brendan & the staff at TSI Techni-Serve Industries L.L.C. for maintaining my amps and cabinets

Marley at the Corner Market by the Clearcut Studios

Ashley, Jill & Joseph at Arlington Pizza for making sure i was stuffed before rehearsals

Gear I Use

Ibanez Guitars, Marshall Amps & Cabinets, Boss Pedals, Dunlop Pedals & Picks, SKB Pedalboards

© Lion-Hearted 2012