Joe's Special Thanks


First and foremost, to my wonderful wife Sijade and daughter Atasia for giving me the endless support and strength to build Lion-Hearted with Marc and Pete. Everyday is the luckiest day of my life as I come home to my family and play in this band. I'll always remember every moment of every show as I see them watching, taking pictures and etc., and all they do for me throughout.

My Mom, for cultivating in me what an artists truly is - the vision, the principles, freedom and integrity that is required to do it right, and the never-ending support since I was a kid. I'll never forget seeing my cool Mom in the audience when I played all over the place, and the constructive advice she always provided.

My Dad, for buying me my first drumset, believing in me even though I was different to what he envisioned a young man to be, and for teaching me the "efficiency of procedure", and finally for being supportive all these years without me knowing it until he passed away on April 20th of 2013, and I found  all of the things he saved about me (cassettes, CD's, newspaper clippings)...

My brother Mike for being supportive and being a real "bro". 

Pau (Wim VisadeButr), Maihr and my extended family in Thailand (Khap Khoon Maag) - much love and respect. (ki-tung tur maag)


My brothers Marc and Pete, Bruce Gatewood, Gavin Guntner, Danny LaVecchia, Mark Mari, Frank Oquendo, Kevin Feeney, Bill Scott, Tommy Hart, Drew Hiltz, Henry Yiin, Kieran Long, Wei Du, Andy Cook, Vincent Jaques, Jean Davis, David Kadow and Adam Prato


Tony Thompson, Clyde Stubblefield, Vinnie Paul, Tom Cavalucci (my teacher), David Garibaldi, Dave Weckl, William Calhoun, Omar Hakim, Tomas Haake, Tommy Aldridge, Gene Hoglan, Jack Dejohnette, Chad Wackermann, Benny Greb, Stanley Clarke, Flea, Chad Smith, Antonio Sanchez, Cloudkicker, Tito Puentes, "Azucar", Zuco 103, DJ Seb I Sabbah, Thom Gambino, Thailand Bands: The Zeal, Big Ass, Potatoe, Silly Fools

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