Fall & Rise (Up From The Ashes)

Music: M. Gambino, J. D’Aqui, P. Pineyro   Lyrics: M. Gambino  

March, 2013 

Can’t believe the way it went, The time and energy I spent.                                                                                      I just never dared to think,I could ever lose my way .                                                                           Thinkin’ that the chance had gone,  

For love ever to return.         

Now’s the time for clear rewind  Of the echoes in my mind. 

You’ve lifted me…  Up from the ashes!

Couldn’t happen fast enough,  Waiting game was getting rough.                                                                      Guess events had run their course,  But was I asking for too much? 

Wanting hard to believe A better fate awaited me.                                                                                      Don’t know what I would have done,If you never came along.

You’ve lifted me…  Up from the ashes!

Shining like a ray of light, I still cannot believe the way.

A stroke of luck looked me up, Found me on the day we met.  

I could never say enough,  ‘Bout the way you changed my life.

You would teach me how to learn, To finally feel like I deserved,  

Something other than being down,  

You lifted me…  You lifted me…  You lifted me…  Up from the ashes!

© Lion-Hearted 2012