Ear To The Ground

Music: P.Pineyro, M.Gambino, J. D’Aqui Lyrics: M.Gambino June, 2012

(V1)Revelation…  Some Say….  Comes from the top down (and it may).

Revolution…  To stay…  Comes from the bottom up…  Today!

(We’ve been wondering so long, some of us have stopped asking.)

To pose the question of why - -  keep an eye to the sky,

But the answer is found by keeping an ear to the ground.

(chorus 1x)

You can hear the sound

With your ear to the ground


(V2)Lightening…  Above…  Rumbles of thunder… Below.

Connecting earth with the sky…  Through drops of rain from on high.

(An unexpected storm’s brewin’ now and ya just don’t know when…)

Lights dance and flash…  And the clouds start to part.

Somethin’ big’s touching down…  From the heavens to the ground.

(chorus 2x)

- SOLO -

(V3)Lay lines of power…  Is where the strong build their towers.

But at this time, those lines shift…  Fog of control starts to lift.

(Storm stops the raindrops and then everything gets quiet…)

Stampede of foot…  All living things that can move…

In a rhythm together, and getting closer than ever!

<chorus 2X – into SOLO, double-time>

© Lion-Hearted 2012