Music:  J. D’Aqui, M. Gambino, P. Pineyro   Lyrics: M. Gambino  July, 2012

<V1>Coulda, woulda, shoulda…  I can look back now

Been through the ringer and I don’t know how

I survived, stayed alive, managed to thrive

Getting in my way is something I wouldn’t try

Yes, there were times when I wasn’t sure

But I stuck around until I couldn’t take no more

I showed you… You showed me… HA! (Doesn’t matter…)

One of us showed the other the door



I paid my dues…  And the time is right

Gonna get what’s mine,

And from you there will be no fight (No fight)

<V2> Remember the times you couldn’t look my way

As if you would be sickened (It was on display)

Attacked my pride, strength inside… (Might’ve even lied…)

Couldn’t pierce my armor no matter how you tried

Responsibilities wearin’ me thin

But I could run circles ‘round you (Make your head spin)

When I’d stop, and I’d talk - - You didn’t even think

Of giving what I said a good listen



<V3> Hung around through all that negativity

When you made being positive as tough as it could be

I guess you could say I was “taking one…

For the team (that didn’t even want winning to be)”

Coulda, woulda, shoulda…  I can look back now

What I learned is what’s gonna show me how

To live a dream, love to work (At what I love)

Take joy going beyond and above


© Lion-Hearted 2012